SIPS 'N SCRIPTS is part of City Stage New West's "Bringing Back the Living Room" initiative, inspired by  the ideas of Canadian Indigenous author Richard Wagamese, brought to you in partnership with the Anvil Centre with support from the City of New Westminster.
In this free play reading/performance series, featured professional actors are supported by audience participants, who can opt to read small roles, provide sound effects, and/or engage in discussions and other specially-designed activities at the event. Artists, audience, friends, and strangers connect and create!
Stay tuned for dates, details, and featured sips--coming soon!

Upcoming Sips 'n Scripts at the Anvil Centre
May (date to be announced): THE MADWOMAN OF CHAILLOT
The Madwoman of Chaillot by Jean Giradoux
Oil is discovered under the streets of Paris. When fat cats plot to cash in at the public’s expense, akooky Countess and her rag-tag coterie vow to stop their destructive exploits. But can they save the world from corporate greed and corruption? Can they bring back its Beauty? Originally a response to fascism, Jean Giradoux’s famous 1943 fable speaks presciently to a modern world gone “out of its mind”. “Nothing is ever so wrong in this world that a sensible woman can’t set right in the course of an afternoon.”

October (date to be announced): WAR OF THE WORLDS
War of the Worlds, adapted by Howard E. Koch from H.G. Well's novel
In 1938, Orson Welles’ theatre company adapted H.G. Wells’ sci-fi thriller about a Martian invasion of Earth, radio-broadcasting the play from CBS in New York as dramatized news bulletins, on the night before Halloween. Despite disclaimers, a public panic ensued—prompting a cycle of actual ‘fake news’ that threatened Welles’ company and career. Join professional actors re-creating what may have been the biggest Halloween hoax of all time, followed by a talk-back that looks at how this famous fake news event continues to haunt us.


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